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Sunday 12th - Closed for Labour Day

Monday 13th - Closed for Labour Day

Friday 17th - Tai Chi Camp to Phillip Island

Saturday 18th - Tai Chi Camp to Phillip Island

Sunday 19th - Return Home from Phillip Island


Closed for Easter - Sunday 16th - Monday 17th


Wednesday 3rd - Medical Qigong Workshop 3 begins for 8 weeks

Sunday 7th - Butterfly Swords Seminar part 1 & 2


Sunday 4th - Grading Day

Sunday 11th & Monday 12th - Closed for Queens Birthday


Wing Chun Kung Fu Melbourne in Abbotsford and Greensborough conduct various wing chun kung fu events during the year. Seminars conducted at Jee Shin Wing Chun include Traditional Wing Chun, Medical Qigong workshops, Tai Chi and traditional Wing Chun weapons.

Wing Chun in Melbourne Upcoming Events

Wing Chun Abbotsford Greensborough

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