2018 Roots of Wing Chun China Tour
November 27, 2017 Sifu Garry's

2018 Wing Chun China Tour

It’s on Again!

Sifu Garry has started to organize the next Shoalin Jee Shin Wing Chun China Trip for 2018.

The Jee Shin Wing Chun trip starts on Thursday October 25th and finishes on Monday November 5th, 2018.

We will be disembarking in Hong Kong after a 9.5 hour flight.

There will be plenty to do in Hong Kong as it is such a vibrant Metropolis.

Sifu Linda and I will take our Group to visit Yip Man’s Grave and pay respects.

He is the Grand Master of Modern Day Wing Chun.

We have seen his Son, Yip Chun in Hong Kong and his Nephew Lo Man Kam in Taiwan.

During our stay, if all goes well, we will be visiting a Wing Chun School from Grand Master Chu Shong Tin and Jim Fung lineage.

Sightseeing adventures will include Ferry cruise on Victoria Harbour, Tram ride up to the Peak and Junk cruise to Stanley Market.

We will also visit Repulse Bay and shop at some of Hong Kong’s night Markets.

After 4 days in Hong Kong Sifu Garry, Sifu Linda and the Jee Shin Wing Chun Group will catch a Bullet Train to Guangzhou.

Guangzhou (formerly Canton) is the capital of Guangdong Province.

We will be visiting Guangzhou Wing Chun, with a lineage from Sum Nung.

Our accommodation is very close to the 5 Lakes Park where we will be spending a half day practising wing chun and tai chi.

We will be in Guangzhou for 4 days so will have plenty of time for shopping and sightseeing.

On the 4th day, after breakfast, the Jee Shin Wing Chun Group will be travelling to Gulao Village.

These two locations are relevant to Dr. Leung Jan as he was born in Gulao.

There are many Pien Sun Wing Chun Schools in Shaping, a legacy of Leung Jan.

We will be visiting a Pien Sun Wing Chun School in Shaping.

From Shaping we travel to Foshan and Shunde.

Foshan is the birth place and spiritual home of Wing Chun Kung Fu, while Shunde is the spiritual home of Legendary Bruce Lee.

Grand Master Chan Wah Shun, student of Leung Jan also has a legacy in Shunde.

He has his Ancestral Temple House and Ancestral Grave Site situated there, as well.

Our last day in China will be spent in Shenzhen which is a Economic zone created by Deng Shao Ping.

There we will visit “Windows of the World”.

This place portrays all the Architectural Wonders from around the World in scale size. Absolutely magnificent!

Shenzhen is also a shopping Mecca

On our last day we will take a Coach all the way to Hong Kong International Airport for Melbourne.

Another end to a wonderful trip around southern China, the home of Wing Chun Kung Fu.