Children's Competition at NAS
August 29, 2017 Sifu Garry's

Wing Chun Kung Fu Children's Competition

Wing Chun Kung Fu Children Greensborough Martial Arts entered the National All Styles Martial Arts Tournament on Sunday August 27th 2017.

On the day the Jee Shin Wing Chun Students came home with 17 Medals. A very successful day, to say the least.

Jee Shin Wing Chun Children competed in several fighting events, being Kumite Point Scoring and Continuous Fighting.

All were Open divisions meaning they were competing against Brown and Black Belts from other styles of Martial Arts.

Dillon whom is 7 year old wing chun warrior fought of for 3rd spot in the Open division with over 20 participants.

A great effort on his behalf.

Jee Shin Wing Chun Yulia and Dillon fought off against each other for fist and second place, with Dillon winning and Yulia coming second.

Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda are extremely proud of their Wing Chun Warriors as this is their first year of competing.

Last Tournament in June, they also won 11 Medals.

Traitional Wing Chun Kung Fu Greensborough

Wing Chun Kung Fu in Greensborough is a very practical self defense fighting system for Children.

The Jee Shin Wing Chun style of fighting suits all formats, whether it is for ISKA, NAS or even Kick Boxing and MuayThai.

If you would like your Child to excel in all aspects of Life, don not hesitate to enroll your Child.

Try the first 2  free trial classes and watch their life change for the better.

Your first 2 classes are free!

Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children at 24 Lorimer St Greensborough, a northern suburb of Melbourne.

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