Martial Arts Instruction as a Career
August 12, 2013 Sifu Garry's

Becoming a Martial Arts Instructor

Sifu Garry was always getting into fights when he was an adolescent.

During his teenager years, it was no better.

He was always getting into fights.

I am not sure why?

Maybe it was due to my European descent or because people were naturally jealous because I was popular .

When I was 12 years old, I thought it would be a good idea to take up a martial art for self defence.

There was very little to choose from, so I practiced Ju Jitsu for several years, down at the local hall.

By the time I was 18, the violence in the Community seemed to get worse.

I suppose this was due to having a car license and then exposing yourself to the real world.

There were a lot of street gangs around, during the late sixties.

I would see them at night clubs and there would always be trouble.

The gang leaders would see me as a threat and challenge me. To their, I would always win the challenge.

After a while, I realized my future should involve sports and self defense.

The legendary Bruce Lee was my hero during my teenage years.

If I could find a wing chun school I would be studying this wonderful art.

I knew nothing about wing chun except that my Idol Bruce Lee was a wing chun practitioner.

I eventually found a wing chun school in China Town.

The school was operated by William Cheung, and immediately started training.

Several years later, I decided that I wanted to make a future teaching wing chun.

After five years of training, I decided to take up full time training.

I went on the dole and trained full time.

During this period I started teaching wing chun for William Cheung.

I had the responsibility of teaching overseas students in the morning.

Soon after organized another morning class for the general public.

I could not anticipate what a fulfilling and exciting life martial arts would afford me in the future.

I initially studied my wing chun for 9 years before teaching.

I studied Medical Qigong, Shaolin Hard Qigong and Tai Chi for 9 years.

I have achieved 2 Diplomas in Sports Coaching and Sports Development.

I have achieved Cert 111 and Cert 1V in Fitness.

Sifu Garry started wing chun training in 1986.

In 2013, I have been involved with Wing Chun full time, 24/7 since 1990.

I have been involved with training many local, state and Australian champions.

I have been involved with the full contact environment for 5 years.

Have traveled to China on 7 occasions researching the roots of wing chun.

At present I am studying Mandarin.

Wednesday and Thursday I teach Tai Chi in Diamond Creek.

Wednesday nights I teach Medical Qigong.

Sunday’s I teach Hard Qigong.

During the week I teach wing chun classes.

I live near the Plenty River.

During my R& R, I spend a lot of time down the river enjoying the forest surroundings.

I enjoy my life because I have somebody to share my passion with.

My wife Sifu LindaLinda has the same passion and expertise as me.

To have the honour to share a life’s passion with your loved one, is a privilege.

So I am very, very lucky.

What a rewarding Career!

Health and Fitness.

Exercise as a way of life.

Plenty of travel abroad, interstate and country.

Training tours overseas and country.

Plenty of time for R&R.

Awareness and access to great Nutrition.

To be part of Children’s development.

Training Champions.

Helping Downs Syndrome and Cancer people.

For people that want the stress and anxiety minimized in their lives.

For people who want to optimize health and fitness.

I would strongly suggest looking at a Career in Martial Arts.

A rewarding Career awaits you!