Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children
August 19, 2017 Sifu Garry's

Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children Greensborough

Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children is a Greensborough Martial Arts Centre located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Teachers Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda are the Principle Instructors.

They have been involved in Wing Chun Kung Fu since 1986 and 1991 respectively.

Wing Chun Classes cover Traditional Wing Chun, Wing Chun Forms, Wooden Dummy, Chi Sao, Wing Chun Self Defence, Anti Bullying and Competition.

Are you interested in seeing your Child develop:

Leadership Qualities, enhance their Confidence and Motor Skills, Improve Coordination and increase Self Esteem?

Then, Wing Chun Kung Fu will benefit your Child / Children.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Greensbrough Martial Arts encourages potential Students to enter Martial Arts Tournaments.

Some of our Students have been competing for over 6 years and have developed into State and Australian Champions.

It is very fulfilling watching a Students grow and mature over the years and become an Adult.

Wing Chun is not just an efficient Martial Arts, it is also a way a Life.

Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children teaches one to activate both Hemispheres of the Brain.

In everyday life we do things consecutively not simultaneously.

Developing simultaneous coordination is a very high level skill which will benefit you in everyday tasks.

Wing Chun Kung Fu develops an extremely high level of balance. Balance is a key word in Life.

With good balance a Child will develop a symmetrical  Skeletal System which enhances Posture and correct alignment.

Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children develops Flexibility and increases range of motion among other skills.

This will assist in all other Sports your Child may endeavor while at School and College.

The legendary Bruce Lee was very efficient in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

He developed extremely super fast footwork, speed and power in techniques execution, because of his obsession with Wing Chun.

Wing Chun Kung Fu will change your Child’s perception on Life’s potential and develop a massive advantage as they tackle Life’s pressures.

Do you teach self defence to Children?

We teach a very high skill level of self defence so Children can defend themselves against all kinds of attacks and against any person no matter how big or intimidating.

Are you Children Instructors Accredited?

All Instructors for Children have Working with Children Licenses and are Government Accredited.

What is your Lineage?

Traditional Wing Chun from Yip Man. Our Chinese Teacher taught the legendary Bruce Lee.

When did you start Wing Chun Classes for Children?

We started Wing Chun Classes for Children Greensborough in 1996.