Training Times

Wing Chun Kung Fu Greensborough Training Times

The Wing Chun Kung Fu Greensborough Martial Arts School conducts Wing Chun classes 6 days per week.

The Wing Chun School is closed on Friday.

Wing Chun Greensborough Martial Arts teaches Traditional Wing Chun.

Classes are on Tuesdays and Saturday and Sundays and every night from 6.00pm, except Fridays.

Tuesday and Thursday Evening classes also have an extra Class at 7.30pm.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Greensborough Classes start with a dynamic stretching routine.

This warms the muscles and stimulate blood flow to minimize any potential for Injury.

Following, the Instructor will drill punching, kicking and various coordination skills.

After wing chun drilling students will be placed into their respective level to practice wing chun forms.

Next, the Wing Chun Practitioners will be paired up with someone with equal level skill to practice wing chun techniques.

Techniques usually cover self defence against punches and kicks.

Self defense skills against sticks and knife attacks or hand grabs, chokes, hair grabs and the like.

The wing chun class will finish off with static stretching to cool down.

Static Stretching also prevent lactic acid build up, promote blood and oxygen circulation, increase range of motion and flexibility.


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Annual membership $99.00.

Training Fees depend on your current status.

Employed, Concession, PAYG, Monthly or Unlimited Classes.

Pay as You Go – $20.00 concession – $25.00 employed. Cost per class.

Suitable if you can only attend once per week.

Monthly Fees – $100.00 concession – $120.00 employed.

Under 16’s – $90.00.

Monthly allows you up to 4 classes per week.

Monthly Fee is suitable for those wanting to train more than 1 class up to 4 classes per week.

Unlimited Classes – Monthly Fees – $145.00 concession – $165.00 employed.

Suitable for those wanting to train more than 4 times per week.

Ring 0401 530 643 for details

Uniforms $85.00. Grading Booklet / Training Diary $20.00

FREE circuit training class on Sundays, if interested in Fitness training.

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Children’s Time Table

Adult’s time Table

Do you conduct Wing Chun Classs during the Day?

Yes. All day Tuesday from 12pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm.
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What time do Classes start in the Evening?

Every night from 6pm. Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm and 7.30pm.
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How long are your Wing Chun Classes.

Most classes are 90 minutes duration.
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Do you teach Children?

Yes. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
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Monday 6.00pm - 7.30pm
Tuesday 12 noon - 1.45pm, 3.00pm - 4.30pm, 6.00pm - 7.30pm, 7.30pm - 8.45pm
Wednesday 6.00pm - 7.30pm
Thursday 6.00pm - 7.30pm, 7.30pm - 8.45pm
Saturday 12.00pm - 1.45pm
Sunday 12.00pm - 1.30pm