Wing Chun Classes

Wing Chun Greensborough Martial Arts Classes

Wing Chun Kung Fu Greensborough conducts a variety of Martial Arts Classes.

Classes are conducted 24 Lorimer St Greensborough, a Northern Suburb of Melbourne.

Wing Chun was popularized by the legendary Bruce Lee.

Martial Arts Classes conducted in Greensborough

Wing Chun training consists of:

Traditional Wing Chun Techniques.

Wooden Dummy Training.

Wing Chun Forms.

Chi Sao.

General Self Defence.

Wing Chun Drilling.

Learning Concepts, Principles and Theories.

Training Wing Chun has many benefits including:

Fitness and Health, Cognitive Stimulation, Motor Neuron Activity and Stress Management.

Objectives of Wing Chun Training are:

Develop co ordination and enhance motor skills.

Enhance physical and mental strength.

Increase balance, build confidence and self esteem.

Develop Leadership Qualities.

Children’s Martial Arts

Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children Classes are conducted in Greensborough.

There are three wing chun classes per week for Children.

Are you interested in seeing your Child develop:

Leadership Qualities.

A Sense of Responsibility.

Improve Schooling.

Increase Focus.

Balance and Coordination.

Anti Bullying

Wing Chun for Children in Greensborough, teaches Traditional Wing Chun.

Children’s Martial Arts classes are conducted for Children aged from 8 to 13yr old.

Children will develop a sense of accomplishment as they progress.

Empowerment will help to improve the way Children feel about themselves.

Childrens Martial Arts teaches kids to not only to kick and punch, but also life skills such as;

Discipline and respect.

Listening and concentration skills.


Ability to help Others.

These qualities will enable them to improve in all aspects of life.

Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda have over 65 years of  Wing Chun knowledge.

Medical Qigong Meditation Classes in Greensborough

Medical Qigong Practice will assist in relieving and healing a variety of ailments and disease.

Do you suffer from:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Aches and Pains
  • Stiffness
  • Lack energy
  • Anger
  • Heart trouble
  • Breathing problems
  • Back ache
  • Much much more

Medical Qigong is a “wonder drug”.

“Effort” is commitment and effort is required to achieve results.

Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda have extensive knowledge in Qigong Healing.

They studied with three Qigong Master, the last Master being Shaolin Temple Certified.

Classes are held on Wednesday Evenings from 7.30pm to 8.30pm.

Martial Arts Sports Coaching in Melbourne

The Martial Arts Industry is one of the fastest growing Industries in the World Today!

Give yourself a competitive edge with a Nationally Recognized qualification.

Martial Arts Sports Coaching will provide the necessary Martial skills and Industry Standard knowledge.

Do you want to become an Accredited Martial Arts Teacher.

Martial Arts Sports Coaching Courses can be studied in conjunction with your Wing Chun Training,.

If interested, please go to  Martial Arts Sports Coaching Web Page and register your interest.

Sigong Garry and Sigong LInda have over 65 years of Wing Chun Kung Fu knowledge between them.

Study Wing Chun Kung Fu, Qigong, Children’s Martial Arts or Sports Coaching.

The Martial Arts Professionals can and will assist you in achieving your Goals.

Call now on 0401 530 643, or register online for your first trial class.

What style of Wing Chun do you teach?

Traditional Wing Chun and Pien Sun Wing Chun. Both stem from Dr. Leung Jan.
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Who is Dr. Leung Jan?

Leung Jan was renowned as the “King of Wing Chun”. He taught Wing Chun in Foshan and his native village of Kulao.
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Where does Traditional Wing Chun come from

Traditional Wing Chun comes from Leung Bik Yip Man to William Cheung.

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Wing Chun Classes Greensborough

Are you interested in learning an effective, devastating, practical martial arts system. You may want to enhance motor skills, fitness, balance and coordination and develop your self defence skills.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children

Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children teaches Traditional Wing Chun in Greensborough, a northern suburb of Melbourne. Are you interested in seeing your Child / Children develop leadership qualities.

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Qigong Meditation in Melbourne

Qigong is an ancient Chinese natural therapy for the body, mind and spirit. Practising Qigong will teach you to control stress, reduce anxiety, increase energy levels, strengthen your heart function and reduce pain.

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Martial Arts Sports Coaching Melbourne

The Martial Arts Industry is one of the fastest growing Industries in the World, Today! Give yourself a competitive edge with a Nationally Recognized qualification designed especially for the Martial Arts Industry.

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