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Martial Arts in Greensborough Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu has its grass roots etched in the Shaolin Temple.

Abbot Jee Shin and Abbess Ng Mui were instrumental in creating the idea of Wing Chun.

This Chinese Martial Arts System has very unique qualities.

The most essential characteristic is not using brute strength or force against force.

Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda have been involved in wing chun kung fu since 1986.

They have devoted many years of studying Wing Chun and Qigong in China and Australia.

Garry and Linda have traveled to China 10 times, interacting and training with Wing Chun Masters.

Both were instrumental in training the Australian Army for 2 to 3 years from 1995.

The Academy is an accredited training institute in Greensborough.

The location in the northern suburb of Melbourne is at 24 Lorimer Street.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a martial arts self defense system immortalized by the legendary Bruce Lee.

Secondly, the Yip Man movies have also popularized the art of Wing Chun.

Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun Lineage.

Martial Arts in Greensborough teaches Traditional Wing Chun from the Leung Bik/Yip Man system.

Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda are 4th generation lineage holders from the legendary Dr. Leung Jan.

Dr. Leung Jan taught wing chun kung fu in Foshan and Kulao.

Garry and Linda are also grand students of  the legendary Grand Master Yip Man.

Wing Chun is a practical close range self defense system suitable for males and females.

The science of wing chun makes it a very practical and effective self-defense system.

Teaching Wing Chun.

Do you want a Career change? A Career in Wing Chun Martial Arts awaits you.

Garry and Sifu Linda will assist you in becoming a  Martial Arts Sports Coach / Instructor.

The first 2 Wing Chun Classes are Free!

Register for your first trial class at Training Times in Wing Chun.

Ring +61 401 530 643 for information or click link for Wing Chun Class Locations.

Train and study Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu in a Friendly, Helpful and Safe Environment.


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