Jee Shin Wing Chun Frequently Asked Questions

Does your school offer free trial Classes?

Yes. There are 2 free introductory classes.

You are required to fill out the enrollment form on our web site.

The second class will cost $20.00.

If you decide to join, the $20.00 will be deducted from your overall costs.

What style of Wing Chun do you teach?

My wife and I are grand students of Yip Man.

We teach the Leung Bik / Yip Man system.

At an advanced stage we also teach Leung Jan‘s Kulo Pien Sun Wung Chun.

Will I lose weight and get fit?

There are a number of factors to consider with weight reduction.

Calorie control, intake, type of food, etc.

On Sundays we conduct circuit training as well as a normal wing chun class.

Circuit training is free and suitable for persons whom want to incorporate extra intensity into their exercise resume.

I would like to Teach Wing Chun in the Future. What is required?

Our Association offers Martial Arts Sports Coaching Courses for the Career minded.

The Courses are studied in conjunction with your martial arts training.

What is a good age to start training Wing Chun?

We start teaching males and females from 8 years old.

Wing Chun training can start at any age.

You are never too old to change certain aspects in your life when it comes to exercise.

What is the Injury rate like with training?

Our injury rate is zero.

Wing Chun science is based on Bio Mechanics (natural movement of the body).

Therefore, training will actually enhance motor functions as you age.

How much does training cost?

Annual membership is $99.00.

Uniforms are $85.00 or $50.00 if you supply your own suitable black pants.

Training fees vary depending on your status.

Please go to our  Training Times link for details.

Wing Chun for Children have different training costs.

Please go to the Children’s Martial Arts section for details.

Is wing chun good for stress management?


Wing Chun training will stimulate Endorphins, which is a happy hormone.

Practice also teaches you to activate both hemispheres of the brain.

As your coordination and balance improve so does your self esteem.

How effective is wing chun in the street?

The self defence techniques we teach in class are common sense, practical applications.

We also teach you awareness and non confrontational approaches to avoid violence.

The best victory is non violence.

Does your Academy conduct Gradings?


We have Gradings every 3 months.

Grading are held in March, June, September and December.

There are 10 levels to Black Belt and 7 Dans thereafter.

How often do you go to China and hold Camps?

Of late, we have been conducting trips to China every 3 years.

Training Camps to Halls Gap are during the alternate years.

Does your school enter Competitions?


Jee Shin Wing Chun Fight Club has been competing since 1995.

We have entered full contact ring karate, kick boxing, muaythai, and kung fu tournaments.

These days we only enter the ISKA Martial Arts Tournament.

Over the years, we have won many titles.

They include State and Australian Championships in fighting, forms and demonstrations.

When do students starts training Chi Sao and Wooden Dummy?

Chi Sao training starting at level 2 and Wooden Dummy starts at level 3.

How long have you been Teaching?

I have been teaching Wing Chun since 1991 and my wife has been teaching Wing Chun since 1996.

Is Wing Chun effective in the Street?

Wing Chun is super effective and efficient. We also teach to “stun and run”.
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What is a good age to start Wing Chun?

You can start wing chun at any Age, but we do start Children from the age of 8 years old.
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What style of Martial Arts do you Teach?

Wing Chun. We are Grand Students of Yip Man.
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