Wing Chun Weapons

Wing Chun Kung Fu Weapons

Wing Chun Dragon Pole Form.

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu predominately consists of two Weapons.

Butterfly Swords and Dragon Pole.

There are two types of Dragon Pole used in the Wing Chun System.

Six and a Half Point and three and a Half Point Dragon Pole.

Six and a Half Point Pole is usually over Nine feet long.

The Three and a Half Point Dragon Pole is around six feet long.

Traditional Wing Chun uses the Three and a Half Point Dragon Pole.

Butterfly Swords differ slightly in design.

Various Wing Chun Systems have developed different Forms.

The Pole Forms also differ between the different Wing Chun Systems.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Dragon Pole

The Pole dates back as far as 3000BC.

The bronze and iron age modified the staff and pole into the spear and chopper.

The staff was very popular among the Shaolin Monks.

The Shaolin Monks used the pole to help the Emperor establish the Sung Dynasty.

The Monks also used the Pole against the Ching Dynasty.

There were many forms of staff and pole.

The most feared and efficient was the “six and half point” Dragon Pole.

The pole was introduced by Shaolin Abbot Jee Shin.

The Pole descended through three generations of the Jee Shin’s family.

Wong Wah Bo reintroduced the Pole back to the Wing Chun System.

Yim Wing Chun’s Husband, Leung Bok Chau, wanted to pass down his knowledge.

He chose his Nephew, Wong Wah Bo to learn his wing chun system.

Butterfly Swords against Dragon Pole.

The Dragon Pole was no match for the Swords.

Wong was defeated and then became a Practitioner of Wing Chun.

The Dragon Pole was then introduced into the Wing Chun System.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Butterfly Swords

In 1644 when the Manchus invaded China.

As a consequence, the use of the Butterfly Swords changed dramatically.

Revolutionaries used Butterfly Swords as their the main weapons.

Butterfly Swords became the most effective weapon, against the Qing.

It differed from the swords of northern China.

Kicking techniques were employed with the Sword in Northern China.

Close range combat was emphasized in Southern China

The Butterfly Swords are used similar to wing chun’s hand techniques.

Wing Chun Butterfly Sword: