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Sifu Garry's Wing Chun Blog
posts relate to his 31 years in wing chun experiences.

Sifu Linda's Wing Chun Blog
portraying her experiences in wing chun kung fu.

"An Expose' on Wing
Chun Kung Fu"
Sifu Linda's wing chun kung fu book is an easy to read manual explaining the concepts and principles of traditional wing chun.
sifu linda's wing chun manual

Wing Chun Kung Fu
in Melbourne
Shaolin Jee Shin
 conducts Wing Chun Classes
in Abbotsford and Greensborough, suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
Wing Chun Jee Shin in Melbourne is an  accredited training institute, offering classes to the general public 6 days per week.
Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda have been involved in wing chun kung fu for 31 and 26 years respectively.
Their martial arts expertise stems from many years of studying wing chun kung fu and qi-gong in China and Australia.

Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda will assist you in becoming a Nationally Recognized Martial Arts Sports Coach / Instructor.

The necessary Sports Coaching Qualifications plus your Wing Chun Kung Fu Diploma will allow you to operate your own Martial Arts and Fitness Centre with relevant Insurance coverage.

Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda Baniecki have over 50 years of wing chun experience between them.
The Association is government accredited, offering  sports coaching  for those wanting to pursue a career in martial arts.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Shaolin Jee Shin

Wing Chun Melbourne
in Greensborough teaching traditional wing chun, kulao wing chun, wooden dummy, wing chun techniques and much more.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Melbourne

My name is Jonathan. I started training at the shaolin jee shin wing chun school in Greensborough about 2 years ago.
I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda's vast knowledge and experience has helped me to control and slowly overcome my disposition......more


Teaching as a Career

Do you want a rewarding career in the sports and recreation industry.......? Now is the time!

Qualifications available

Wing Chun Master's degree

Sports Coaching specialising in martial arts
Become part of the Sports and Recreation Industry, Now!

Nationally Recognised Courses!



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