Foshan Wing Chun
October 09, 2020 Sifu Garry's

Foshan Home of Wing Chun:

Foshan is the Birthplace of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The initial exploits and stories of Wing Chun stem from the Red Boat Opera Troupe.

Red Boats:

The Red Boats were predominant from the 1850’s and sailed along the Pearl River in Red Junks.

They were a secret society attacking the Manchu whenever possible.

Members of the Red Boats disguised themselves as Opera Performers during the day and Assassins at night.

Leung Yi Tai, Wong Wah Bo and Da Fa Min Kam were the most reputed.

These three Red Boat members primarily created two of the most renowned styles of wing chun known today.

Leung Jan: 1826 -1901

Dr. Leung Jan, “King of Wing Chun”, earned his title by being undefeated in over 200 fights.

He taught wing chun in Foshan before retiring to his native village of Kulao.

He created Pien Sun Wing Chun when he returned to Kualo.

Leung Bik: 1845-1911

Leung Bik, also called Mr Bik, learnt Wing Chun from his Father, Leung Jan.

His second Teacher was the renowned Red Boat, Wong Wah Bo.

Yip Man met Mr Bik in 1909 in Hong Kong and studied Wing Chun for 4 years.

Chan Wah Shun: 1849-1909

Chan Wah Shun was a renowned Student of Leung Jan.

His nickname was the “Money Changer” in Foshan.

His wing chun system is still alive today, emanating from Shunde.

Yip Man: 1893-1972

Yip Man was a Student of Chan Wah Shun.

After Chan’s demise, Yip Man went to Hong Kong.

While in Hong Kong he met Leung Jan’s Son, Leung Bik.

Yip Man learnt Leung Bik’s Wing Chun for 4 years before returning to Foshan.

Yip Man was a Bobby while teaching Wing Chun in Foshan.

He fled Foshan for Hong Kong during the Communist takeover in 1949.

Lun Kai 1928 – Kwok Fu 1925 – 2010

Lun Kao was Yip Man’s first Student in Foshan.

He was very close friends with Kwok u, whom was Yip Man’s second Student.

Eventually Lun Kai convinced Kwok to come and learn Wing Chun under Yip Man.

Their Sons oversee the wing chun schools today.

Foshan Wing Chun Teachers Today:

Lau Chi Kwong:

Lau Chi Kwong is the inheritor of Snake Style Wing Chun.

Mak Yui Ming:

Lineage from Fung Sui Ying (Red Boats) and Cheng Bo.

Sifu Garry Sifu Linda:

Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda have visited and performed with the Sifus and Students.

They demonstrated Wing Chun Forms and Wing Chun Chi Sao at the following Schools:

Lun Kai Wing Chun Foshan 2010

Kwok Fu Wing Chun Foshan 2010, 2012

Lau Chi Kwong Wing Chun Foshan 2006

Mak Yui Ming Wing Chun Foshan 2006