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Teaching Wing Chun
April 25, 2020 Sifu Linda's

Teaching as a Career: Becoming a Martial Arts Teacher is one of the most rewarding careers. Transforming people confidence, coordination and health, brings much pleasure.…Read More

Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor
November 14, 2019 Sifu Garry's

Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor: Sifu Garry has been involved in various martial arts for over 40 years. He completed a Diploma in Sports Development…Read More

Sifu Lindas Introduction to Martial Arts
March 02, 2012 Sifu Linda's

My Introduction Into Martial Arts Sifu Linda┬ámoved back to Melbourne in 1991 to be with my partner Garry Baniecki. Garry and I had originally met…Read More