Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor
November 14, 2019 Sifu Garry's

Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor:

Sifu Garry has been involved in various martial arts for over 40 years.

He completed a Diploma in Sports Development and Sports Coaching in 2011.

Attaining a Diplomas placed Sifu Garry was the top of his field.

It made him feel great. What an achievement!

It goes to show, anybody can achieve anything in this world.

Just paint the picture and climb the ladder to your dreams and ambitions.

Now, in 2012, I obtained a working with children license.

With my qualifications, I can now work in Gyms, personally train people in fitness and health.

I can design any type of training plan for elite athletes and martial artists.

These are important components for my business, especially when taking Students to China.

I believe the courses I studied have definitely increased my awareness and knowledge in the Industry.

This should be imperative for all the “Martial Arts Masters” who think they have enough qualifications.

I can only suggest to embrace change and go with the flow.

Benefits of becoming an Accredited Martial Arts Instructor.

In the future, martial arts teachers whom are not accredited will not be able to lease halls.

They will not be able to obtain Insurance and leasing agreements, to commence their new careers.

Students that graduate under our Wing Chun Association will have Government Accreditation.

They will receive all the support required to initiate their own business.

What a rewarding Career!

Would you like to work outdoors at your leisure?

Take groups overseas or around Victoria for training camps?

Teach fitness and health?

Work hours to suit you?

Get fit and stay healthy.

Love and enjoy what you are doing

There are not many positions or jobs in life that offer all these benefits.

The most satisfying thing about teaching is;

You can make a difference to people’s lives and have an impact in your local community.

Take a leading role and become a Leader in your Community.

Be responsible for a child’s development.

Opportunities are thrust upon people, sometimes every day, or, all the time.

People sometimes, find it difficult to go out on a limb and make changes to their lives.

The risk of uncertainty.

What’s around the corner, the risk of failure, lack of confidence in themselves, etc?

These negative attitudes always restrict an individual from development.

Often, through failures, we learn and gain knowledge and experience.

Remember, you are never too old to start a “new life”.

My Qualifications include:

  • Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor Level – 1995
  • Certificate 111 and IV in Fitness – 2009
  • Diploma in Sports Coaching – 2011
  • Diploma in Sports Development – 2011
  • Blue Card – License for working with Children