Leung Bik Yip Man Wing Chun
May 24, 2016 Sifu Garry's

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu

Leung Bik Yip Man Wing Chun System

The Leung Bik Yip Man Wing Chun System, is well known in Foshan.

Master Kwok Zhan from Foshan stated:

Traditional Wing Chun is the:

“True Attack Fighting System of Wing Chun”.

In many wing chun circles the existence of Leung Bik is much debated.

History states that the legendary Dr. Leung Jan from Gulao did not have 2 Sons.

Leung Chun and Leung Bik are hos two Sons.

I visited and lunched with GM Fung Chun in Gulao Village on 5 occasions.

During our lunch sessions Fung Chun often spoke about Leung Jan and Leung Bik,.

Leung Jan house and school in Gulao Village.

In late 2015, I visited GM Lo Man Kam in Taiwan.

He is the Nephew of the late great GM Yip Man.

I was hoping he would validate Yip Man meeting Leung Bik in Hong Kong.

Lo Man Kam stated that his Uncle learnt wing chun for 3 years with Leung Bik.

I was very lucky because Lo Man Kam spoke about Leung Bik in great detail.

I have a recorded video of him talking about Leung Bik.

In 2012, when in Hong Kong I visited GM Yip Chun, son of GM Yip Man.

During our visit I asked him if his Father was taught by Leung Bik.

He categorically stated:

His Father had two teachers and one Sifu.

Grand Master Yip Man’s Sifu was Chan Wah Shun.

His two Teachers were Ng So and Leung Bik.

In the Yip Man Tong in Foshan, I found some Wing Chun Manuals by Dr. Leung Jan.

The Manuscripts were handed down to his Son Leung Bik.

Leung Bik then passed them on to Yip Man.

In the Foshan Museum there are annals of Dr. Leung Jan and Leung Bik.

What more proof does anyone need?

I have now gathered much data and proof.

No one could refute this information.

Leung Bik Wing Chun System has created a lot of controversy.

This system  broke away from the traditional wing chun of the day.

It utilizes high kicks and elbows and pressure point attacking.

This system also uses different footwork and different forms.

There are Core Principles between Leung Bik’s system and his Father’s Gulao System.

This suggests that Traditional Wing Chun is a true authentic wing chun system.