Shaolin Qigong
May 19, 2013 Sifu Linda's

Shaolin Qigong Master

Professor Shan Hui Xu

From a very young age, I realized she had a spiritual being inside her that she wanted to nourish.

When I was a young girl in the 1970’s India’s Krishna was being introduced to the west.

I read lots of books and found myself fascinated by the idea of meditation and enlightenment.

It pulled at me somewhere deep inside, maybe a past life.

I went as far as burning incense, I loved the smell as it wafted through the room.

The beautiful aroma’s could transport me to another place, another time, a serene place of spirituality.

On day while training at David Cheung’s Wing Chun a little Chinese man came up the stairs.

He began talking with Sifu David.

Garry and I actually thought it was someone who had come to hassle David about his late rent.

We  sent him out a few heavy vibes.

A couple of weeks later he moved in down the back of the training hall.

We were told that he was Qigong Master, Professor Shan Hui Xu (su) from China.

With no clinical patients in the beginning, David would ask does anyone want a free massage.

I would always put my hand up.

Over a period of time I learnt quite a bit about massage and pressure point manipulation.

Garry picked up a bit of a cold one day.

Garry had come to class only to watch as he could not stop sneezing.

His head was blocked and his nose was full of rubbish and quite red from blowing it.

The Doctor blurted something to him in Chinese.

We couldn’t understand him.

He then gestured him down the back into the clinic.

After about 40 minutes Garry returned, looking 100 per cent.

He looked totally back to healthy, not a smidgen of cold left.

Myself and the students were amazed to see the difference.

Garry was stunned, he couldn’t believe his symptoms were completely gone.

No more sneezing, no more runny nose, completely back to normal.

Garry and I were very impressed and realized that here was the real deal.

Garry never got a cold again and to this day.

Roughly 17 years later still we never really suffers from cold and flu.

Dr Xu soon began teaching Qigong classes of an evening after Wing Chun classes.

I took every class he offered, even if we were only repeating basic standing methods.

My chance had finally come to learn proper mediation methods from a Master.

Plus he would always emanate Qi into the room and individuals.

Having a master do this would help to open your channels and blockages.

This would be much quicker than doing it on your own.

He is a Taoist and had studied Qigong from a young age.

He was a Professor of Qigong in a variety of hospitals in China.

In 1972 the Chinese unearthed one of the greatest archaeological digs in the world.

The 2000 year old Ma Wan Dui tombs.

Revealed were three of the best preserved mummies in the world.

On their chests were ancient Qigong scrolls.

Also found were lost acupuncture knowledge along with the oldest known version of the Yi Ching.

Plus the oldest version of the Tao De Ching.

The archaeological world went crazy.

Professor Xu became the Vice President of The Ma Wan Dui association.

The Doctor had access to all this wondrous information found.

The main body of his Qigong practice and teachings would now evolve around these findings.

For me this was amazing.

We were associated with a real qigong master.

He had access to 4000 to 5000 year old ancient knowledge.

I will admit his qigong is very primordial and unorthodox, but very powerful in its healing capacity.

It’s not for everyone.

The Professor did not speak English.

We spent a lot of time around him and adjusted to his broken English.

Soon after Garry and I began lecturing for him during his classes and retreats.

I did not realize the universe had a bigger plan for me.

I was being groomed for my own classes in the future.

After a few years I said to Garry that we probably did not really need to interpret for him anymore.

Surely students must surly understand him by now.

At one of the lectures I asked the students, “was there any need for me to translate what he had said”?

A student laughed and replied that they had not understood a word he had said.

I laughed to myself, it was all clear as a bell to me.

Sifu David organised a qigong open day at the school to promote Dr Xu and get his name out there.

During the course of the day he would ask for volunteers, some believers and some not.

After getting us to close our eyes and relax, he began emanating Qi/energy into us all one at a time.

He pull you forward, he would push you back, he spun us around, it was incredible to feel and experience.

I could literally feel the energy like a magnet pulling and pushing and spinning me.

Some people began to cry and others were full of laughter.

It was a very enlightening experience, especially for the non believers.

I knew then, that Qi was definitely a real phenomena.

I awoke one day with incredible pain in between my toes.

It was as though someone had placed a razor blade between my toes.

I hobbled to class and explained my problem.

Dr Xu’s first suggestion was to have some X rays to see what was actually happening.

The results were bone spurs between my toes, he suggested I might have to have them cut out.

He would first try a Taoist spell (Fu Jow), I was intrigued.

He spoke to his spiritual Sifu or teacher and asked for their help in healing me.

Then He drew some characters with his finger over a glass of water.

I was asked to drink three sips and then he took a big sip and sprayed it over my foot.

Nothing seemed to happen, he suggested we try again tomorrow.

So we did, half an hour after being treated my pain had subdued and by the end of the day I could walk.

The next morning I was brand new and training again.

Two years later I had a relapse, one spell and the problem disappeared and has never returned.

What can I say, Wow.