Pain Tonic
May 27, 2019 Sifu Garry's

Shaolin Pain Tonic:

Do you suffer from muscular Pain?

What about Muscular Inflammation?

How about Joint Pain?

I have the ideal solution for you!

Having traveled to China on 10 occasions, I have perfected a Chinese Herbal

medicine comprising 22 ancient Chinese Herbs.

My Herbal Formula is brewed for 2 to 3 years before retail.

The Tonic is sold in 100ml bottles but can be also bought in quantity, eg, 1 litre.

If you have sprained your ankle a larger amount is feasible so you can soak ankle in.

The Herbs used promote blood and chi circulation.

They also reduce pain and swelling and dissipate blood stagnation.

The Tonic replaces the need for Ice and Heat Pack.

The Pain Tonic is perfect for muscular pain and RSI.

One of my students kicked someone in the knee and his ankle turned black.

He soaked his ankle overnight and the next day the bruising had disappeared.

I have given my Tonic to people with various ailments over the years.

Post-operative ankles, broken necks, arthritic hands, repetitive strain in forearms, etc.

Everyone has given very positive feedback with respects to pain relief.

Martial Artists and Athletes should have a bottle always handy.

My wife and I always splash it on after a hard days training.

The tonic can get rid of a black eye in a day.

That’s how effective it is.

This Herbal Tonic is miraculous!

Because it is herbal, it must be used frequently if treating soreness or pain.

Used correctly, the Tonic has amazing healing powers.

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