Pien Sun Wing Chun – Master Fung Keun
February 19, 2012 Sifu Garry's

Master Fung Keun Wing Chun

Pien Sun Gulao Wing Chun Kung Fu

Sifu Garry‘s second trip to China in 2007 would take on a slightly different emphasis.

During our first trip in 2006, we performed random chi sao, with wing chun kung fu masters.

Performing chi sao with all the wing chun practitioners and teachers was a uniques experience.

Pien Sun Kulo wing chun kung fu is a legacy from Dr. Leung Jan.

During his life he worked and taught wing chun kung fu mainly in Foshan, sth China.

When he retired he returned to his native village of Kulo.

There, he taught a different expression of wing chun kung fu.

Through my research, I believe Leung Jan learnt 2 expression of wing chun kung fu.

On the Red Boats there were 2 factions – A lady’s group and a man’s group.

Leung Yi Tai was part of the women’s opera on the red boats.

Wong Wah Bo played a man’s role.

Yim Wing Chun taught the lady’s faction of the red boats.

Her husband, Leung Bok Chow taught the men.

Leung Jan taught Wong’s version in commercial Foshan.

When he went back to Kulo village he taught the women’s version of wing chun.

Dr. Leung Jan is my ancestor, but I only had half the picture.

I required Leung Jan’s other version of wing chun from Kulo.

So I knew what I wanted, but, how do I go about achieving this goal.

I must train Kulo wing chun kung fu.

Grand Master Fung Chun is the head of the Pien Sun Kulo wing chun clan.

Being too old at this time to teach, the next best thing was his son.

Fung Keun had studied Kulo wing chun for 40 years.

Master Fung Keun, was the Man I wanted.

Through my research, I made contact with Fung Keun in China.

I organized 1 week of intensive training, for myself and sifu Linda..

The training would take place at Sifu Donald Mak’s school in Ya Ma Tai district.

We would study for the next 7 days, 8 hrs a day, Kulo wing chun kung fu.

Fung Keun could not speak English, so I had to also organize an interpreter.

What a pleasure to meet Fung Keun.

He was a true gentleman and very professional.

He taught us Kulo “sup yi lo” 12 fists set and “dai guk” 2 man training sets.

Fung Keun also showed us 2 man chi sao, and some kulo wing chun drills.

I would go back to Kulo a few more times and learn a kulo form and wooden dummy.

Sifu Linda and I spent time with Fung Keun, training and having food together.

On the sixth day we had a break so I could take a trip to Kulo to visit his father, GM Fung Chun.

Sifu Linda and I caught a train to Shenzhen, then a bus trip to Kulo, visited Fung Chun.

We had lunch with him and then traveled back to Shenzhen and then back to Kowloon.

Master Fung Keun was so impressed that we would do this, just to see his father.

Master Fung Keun sanctioned my wife and I to teach Pien Sun Kulo wing chun in Australia.

There are 5 wing chun schools in Shapin City, Heshan County of different lineage.

They all relate back back to Leung Jan.

Fung Keun taught us lineage of Wong Wah Sam/Fung Chun to his son Fung Keun.

Now, I had both sides of the history and lineage from Dr. Leung Jan.

I have also visited Leung Jan’s house in Kulo village.

My wife and I walked to Leung Jan’s house with GM Fung Chun after we had lunch together.

During lunch, he actually adopted us into his family.

My wife and I have pictures of us on Fung Chun’s wall in his house and at his school in Heshan County.

As I stated in an earlier post, I read an article on the Fung Family’s wing chun prowess about 30 years ago.

Now, I have met, visited, dined and wined with, and also trained with the legendary Fung Family.