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June 09, 2014 Sifu Linda's

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How long will it take for me to become faster and better with my Wing Chun Training?

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a brutal but delicate martial art system. It takes patience and dedication to master the sensory and physical aspects of this in-depth system. Students always ask, "how long will it take me to become faster and  better?" Sifu Linda's answer is always the same........."train, train and train more."

Work on the very basic things first, like wing chun footwork. Once your feet can be mastered then you can focus 100 percent on the upper body. In the Jee Shin Wing Chun system we land on the balls of our feet, I am forever pulling students up for landing on the heel and not having enough of a diagonal stance. Weeks can go by and I am still telling the same students to land on the balls of their feet.

To get better, one must take in all the comments the teacher has to offer and apply that knowledge to the training of their body and mind, no matter how small the information sounds. You must consciously make the brain think about it and change it. During my training years, if I was corrected on something I tried to make it my goal, never to be corrected on that aspect again.

Due to the fast paced world that we live in, we can have photos sent around the world in minutes on Face book, we can comment on any subject on Twitter and have thousands read it in seconds, we can download a movie in 10 minutes or less, we have unlimited knowledge at our fingertips with the internet, etc, etc,  etc. This makes it harder for people to take things slowly and have the patients to repeat simple things over and over again, making the mechanics of the technique crisp, sharp and fast.

Individuals get bored quickly and want to move onto something new. After ten minutes of training students will say, 'we've done that now' They dont seem to understand that it is the repetition of something that makes you better at it.  Yet still they will ask the question, "how do I become faster and better at my Wing Chun," and I answer the same way "train, train and train, it takes 1000 times to know it and 10,000 times to master it."

Keeping a diary of wing chun classes is always a good way to improve, as writing things down instills information into the mind. Maybe have a special section for important notes, so when the teacher verbally gives out information, you can record this in your special notes area. I had a section called 'Golden Rules' where I would record all the important points on Concepts and Theories. This enabled me to find the important information quickly. It also allowed me to read it, study it and then apply it.

My Wing Chun book 'An Expose on Wing Chun Kung Fu' is a training manual so I put a blank section in the back called 'Golden Rules' to encourage practitioners to write notes.

Training techniques in the air, solo, is also a good training tool. By training the hand techniques and footwork without a partner, this allows you to get some flow and coordination over your upper and lower body, without having to deal with any actual attacks. Training this way also gets you using creative visualization, a very powerful tool at your disposal for improvement in anything you do in life.

All elite athletes, use visualization as a tool to improve all aspects of their sport. You don't have to be an elite athlete to use one of their tools. Laying in bed, riding the bus, walking etc you can visualize doing your wing chun forms (Karta's), your drills, your techniques, your footwork etc, etc.

My last tip, is to video yourself and watch it. Sometimes the brain doesn't actually tell the body it's not correct, it feels correct, but it is not. If you watch yourself on video, you will be able to see the mistakes you are making, or where you can improve. This is one of the best training tools available to the practitioner.

Remember the old saying, 'practice makes perfect' well that is not necessarily true,...........'only perfect practice makes perfect'. So it is important to fix those silly habits and mistakes quickly before they can never be changed.

Good luck and keep on training.

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