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I trained with the jee shin wing chun association for 4 years from 1998.
In that time I achieved my Black Belt level. Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda inspired me to enter competitions. During that time I was very successful.
I got several state titles in forms, weaponry and an Oz title in Sydney with Biu Gee form. The teachers helped me to develop my full potential and I am very grateful for.
Many thanks from Tracey.

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Representatives of Grand Master Fung Chun

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Welcome to Jee Shin Wing Chun in Melbourne.


Objectives of Martial Arts Training
* to develop co ordination and enhance motor skills
* enhance physical and mental strength
* to increase balance
* build confidence and self esteem
* to build qualities of leadership

Benefits of Martial Arts Training
get fit and healthy *
activate motor neurons  *
burn off excessive energy *
channel anger *
core strength and stability *

  Wing Chun Martial Arts Melbourne is a Wing Chun Kung Fu Association that was established in 1995. There are 2 Wing Chun Schools, which are situated in  Greensborough and BendigoSifu Garry and Sifu Linda are dedicated to martial arts tradition and sporting excellence. The Academies also instruct in wing chun wooden dummy, chi sao, medical qigong, hard qigong and tai chi.

Wing Chun in Melbourne Kung fu teaches traditional wing chun kung fu from the Leung Bik/Yip Man system. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a martial arts self defence system immortalised by the legendary Bruce Lee. The popularity of wing chun kung fu is highlighted in today's wing chun films with the Yip Man wing chun movie series.

Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda are 5th generation lineage holders from the legendary Dr. Leung Jan, who taught wing chun kung fu in Foshan and KuLo village in southern China, between 1850 and 1900. Garry and Linda are also grand students of  the legendary Grand Master Yip Man..

The Wing Chun Academy is a branch of the Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun Association. A Government Accredited Training Centre, offering martial arts and fitness to the general public. The Schools are open 6 days per week.

Wing Chun Martial Arts in Melbourne is also Nationally Recognised and teaches accredited sports coaching courses specialising in martial arts and fitness instruction/personal training, for those seeking a career teaching in the martial arts, fitness and recreation industry.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a practical close range self defence/fighting style suitable for males and females of all ages.The science of wing chun kung fu and its approach to bio-mechanics, makes it a very practical and effective self defence system, using a common sense approach to uplift one's martial skill, confidence, coordination, balance and fitness.   


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Wing Chun Kung Fu
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