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Wing Chun Kung Fu in Greensborough

Are you interested in learning an effective, devastating, but practical self defence system. You may want to enhance motor skills, fitness, balance and coordination and develop your self defence skills in a friendly.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children

Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children teaches Traditional Wing Chun in Greensborough, a northern suburb of Melbourne. Are you interested in seeing your Child / Children develop leadership qualities, excel in sports

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Qigong in Melbourne

Qigong is an ancient Chinese natural therapy for the body, mind and spirit. Practising Qigong will teach you to control stress, reduce anxiety, increase energy levels, strengthen your heart function, control pain, enhance

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Martial Arts Sports Coaching in Melbourne

The Martial Arts Industry is one of the fastest growing Industries in the World, Today! Give yourself a competitive edge with a Nationally Recognized qualification designed especially for the Martial Arts Industry.

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