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November 25, 2018 Sifu Garry's

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Jee Shin Wing Chun’s recent “Roots of Wing Chun” China Trip was a resounding success.

Thirteen persons attended from the Greensborough and Bendigo Schools.

The China Trip lasted just under 2 weeks.

We traveled to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Kulao, Shaping, Foshan, Shunde and Shenzhen.

In Hong Kong, we were honored to meet Sifu Jason Fung from GM Yip Man’s first Student Leung Sheng Sigong.

Jason was a translator for Sifu Fung King from Kulao Village.

On the second Morning in Hong Kong, we went behind our Hotel into Kowloon Park and performed some Tai Chi and Wing Chun Forms.

I gave the Students some Chi Sao practice as well.

Then we met up with Sifu Jason Fung and Sifu Fung King from Kulao and talked about out itinerary when in Heshan County.

Sifu Fung King was very eager to escort our group around Kulao Village.

We visited Dr. Leung Jan’s Museum, School and House and also go to Sifu Fung’s School.

While in Hong Kong the Group visited many monumental landmarks.

They included Ritz Carlton, Ip Man’s Grave in New Territories.

We also went to the Peak, Mong Kok Ladies Market, Stanley Market, Repulse Bay and Jumbo floating Restaurant in Aberdeen.

The Ferry trip across Hong Kong Harbor at night and the walk back to BP International was an experience.

Three days later, we took a train to Guangzhou. The weather in China was superb. Blue, sunny skies for the next 7 days.

In Guangzhou, we visited Chimelong Paradise, Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou Museum and Shangxiajie Pedestrian Street.

We also had dinner at the White Swan Restaurant on the Perl River and had the pleasure of a night ferry cruise along the Perl River.

It was a very relaxing 3 days before we embarked on visiting legacies of Wing Chun around Guangdong Province.

Once we left Guangzhou, we visited Kuan Yi Temple on Da Yan Mountain in Heshan County.

Our next stop was Kulao Village.

Kulao Village is around one thousand years old and the Town’s Occupants are predominately all Wing Chun Practitioners.

On entering Kulao we were met by Sifu Fung King who showed our Group around Dr. Leung Zan Museum, Leung Zan’s house and school.

Sifu King took us to his Wing Chun School in Kulao Village.

Sifu King was very welcoming as was his Students. After doing some performances we headed to Shaping City.

We spent the night at a magnificent Hotel in Shaping City called the Garden Phoenix Hotel, before venturing to Foshan City.

Wing Chun in Foshan

While in Foshan we visited Grand Master Ip Man’s House in Lianxing Village, Luocun ShishanTown, Nanhai District Foshan,

From Ip Man’s house, we visited the Ancestral Temple, which is a tribute to Ip Man and Huan Fei Wong.

He was also instrumental in helping the week and poor.

The next day the Jee Shin Wing Chun Group went to Chan Wah Shun’s Village called Ma Dong Village.

Opposite Ma Dong Village there are 2 humongous Dummies which are a tribute to Chan Wah Shun.

Next to the Dummies is Chan Wah Shun’s Ancestral Grave, where we burnt incense and good luck money.

Opposite the Grave site in the Village is Chan Wah Shun’s Ancestral Temple and his Ancestral House.

Grand Master Chan Wah Shun was a direct Disciple of Dr. Leung Zan and Ip Man’s Sifu.

He created a unique style of Wing Chun which is still predominant today, mainly in Shunde, Foshan.

Bruce Lee

After we left Ma Dong Village, we visited Bruce Lee Paradise, situated in Jun’an Town, Foshan covering 3000 acres.

It’s awesome to think that a Country could dedicate such a large area to one Man.

Bruce Lee Paradise park is surrounded with more than 20 green hills with flourish vegetation, where thousands of Egrets fly together.

Bruce Lee Paradise is a one-stop tourism theme park integrating Bruce Lee martial arts.

The history and culture of South of Five Ridges, river and lake scenery, amusement, sightseeing and major events.

After we left Bruce Lee Paradise, we ventured on to Bruce Lee’s Ancestral House, also in Jun’an Village.

It is the last house along the first lane off Yongqing Fang, an alleyway running north under an arch from Enning Lu.

It was a very spiritual experience to visit and walk in the same place as did Bruce Lee,

The last leg of our Trip took us to Shenzhen for a day of relaxation and shopping.

Before we could book into our Hotel, we visited Windows of the World theme Park.

Windows of the World is a theme park portraying all the architectural monuments from around the World is a scaled down size.


After 10 days we returned to Hong Kong for our trip back to wonderful Melbourne.

We traveled along the newly built elevated Freeway across the Ocean from Shenzhen to Hong Kong.

The Freeway took us along an elevated sky road freeway through Hong Kong to the HK International Airport.

What an amazing 2018 Trip.

We did so much and visited so many places. Can’t wait til our next trip.

Our next trip in 2021 will start in Hong Kong and then travel to:




Northern Shaolin Temple and finish in Beijing and Xian.

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