Bruce Lee Paradise Shunde – Sifu Linda
March 01, 2013 Sifu Linda's

Bruce Lee Paradise and Ancestral House

Monday morning the 3rd of December,

We are heading off from Foshan to visit the Bruce Lee Paradise in Shunde on our private tour bus.

The weather in the South has been slightly cooler this year, it is lightly raining and the air is fresh.

In Beijing though, it is minus three degrees and snowing. Our timing there was perfect.

Being Monday there are no tourists around at the  park, it actually looks closed.

The last time we came here was on a weekend.

There was a Bruce Lee Festival and there was about 5000 tourists.

Our bus driver goes in and buys our ticket to enter.

Instead, a lady comes out of the booth and jumps on our bus and we take off.

We drive away from the entrance.

We inform our students that we are not sure what is going on or where we are going.

Bruce Lee Ancestral House

We travel down the road a bit, the rain has stopped,  the bus pulls up at ‘Shang Cai Village’.

The guide leads us into the heart of this Ancient village.

These tiny old streets weave past traditional houses with the local people wandering around.

We are still not sure where we are going.

We take a right turn and half way down this street we stop at a door with a sign saying.

“Bruce Lee’s Ancestral home”.

Wow, what a bonus, she opens the doors and allows us to enter.

It is a very small quaint house, made of brick and wood.

There are some unique photo’s of himself and his family.

There is also beautiful old furniture and an Ancestral  incense burner.

We took some group photos and stayed there for around 30 minutes.

On the bus driving back to the Bruce Lee Paradise Park, we are all buzzing from this unscheduled visit.

Entering the park is surreal.

There is not another soul on this 3000 acre park.

Nothing but silence and peace, just what our brain needed during our tour that has been nonstop.

A real break from the noise and chaos.

We spend 2 hours wandering around taking in the calm, the feng sui and doing some Kung Fu.

I did not think it possible to go somewhere in China and not find another living soul.

It was perfect.

We head off to look for a restaurant before trying to find Chan Wah Shun‘s Ancestral grave site.

Sifu Garry and I had attended a restaurant on a lake with small huts on our first Wing Chun Tour.

We found a suitable Restaurant  just down the road.

As we walk through a corridor we enter into an open space with a lake and eating huts set around it.

Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda just looked at one another and started laughing,

We have found it without even trying.

Thank you universe.

The Feng Sui is amazing and  the food, specific to Shunde is divine.

Specialties on the menu included, fried milk, also something I have never tried before, warm fresh corn juice.

Absolutely delicious.

Sifu Garry and Sifu Linda were so happy, we can’t believe our luck.

Today has been full of bonuses for us and the students.

Back on the bus with our bellies full, we sit back feeling exuberant and very satisfied.

Now we are off to find Chan Wah Shun’s Ancestral Grave site.