25th Anniversary
January 16, 2020 Sifu Garry's

25th Anniversary Wing Chun Classes in Greensborough:

Sigong Garry and Sigong Linda have been teaching Traditional Wing Chun since 1995.

Wing Chun Classes in Greensborough Martial Arts are celebrating 25th of teaching.

The Greensborough Wing Chun School is a branch of Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun.

Garry started teaching for William Cheung in 1990 at his School in Flinders St Melbourne.

He also became an Assistant Teacher for David Cheung in 1993.

Sigong Garry and Sigong Linda started the Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun Association in 1995.

Since then Garry and Linda have been teaching full time and have incorporated:

Wing Chun for Children.

Chinese Medical Qigong and Meditation.

Martial Arts Sports Coaching.

Shaolin Hard Qigong.

Tai Chi.

In 1995, Garry and Linda decided to enter All Styles Tournaments around Australia.

They wanted to prove Traditional Wing Chun was formidable against other styles.

Over the years, Sigong Garry and Sigong Linda have coached many Winners.

Tournament Results:

Qualifying Winners.

State Champions in fighting, forms and weapons.

Australian Champions in fighting, forms and weapons.

All Styles State and Australian Tournament Champions.

ISKA Tournament State and Australian Champions.

Full contact Karate winners.

Kick Boxing winners.

Muay Thai winners.

WMAC Tournament winners.

In 2006, Garry and Linda’s started their “Roots of Wing Chun” Journey.

They wanted to research Traditional Wing Chun’s Ancestry and Origins.

By 2018, they completed their 10th Tour around China.

Garry and Linda categorical proved that Leung Bik created Traditional Wing Chun.

In 2007, Garry and Linda achieved Diplomas in Martial Arts Sports Coaching and Development.

As a result, they now offer Nationally Recognized Courses for those wanting a Career in Martial Arts.

Garry and Linda offer a very effective and efficient form of Self Defence Martial Arts.

Learn Wing Chun in a safe, friendly and helpful training environment.

The first two class are free.

Call 0401 530 643 or go to the link below and book your first trial class online.

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