Wing Chun Techniques – Front Kick
August 10, 2023 Sifu Garry's

Wing Chun Kung Fu Front Kick

Traditional Wing Chun has many kicks in its arsenal.

The front kick is one of the most used kicks in the Wing Chun Kung Fu System.

The front kick is utilized as an intercept tool.

It is very effective in street combat and competition.

When an opponent enters into your space; at the kicking range.

The front kick can be executed to attack the Upper, Middle and Lower Gates.

The Front Kick is very efficient when used in Competition as well as real life situations.

Timing is essential in making the front kick work for you.

If a perpetrator attacks you, split timing is imperative as his range will change very quickly.

If you miss the opportunity to intercept, be prepared to defend the Punching range.

If an attacker enters too quick for a middle gate kick your intuition can allow you to kick lower.

The Wing Chun Kung Fu front kick is very efficient because it takes the shortest path.

The wing chun front kick has a snapping motion. It is not a push kick.

A successful front kick also relies on balance.

This will generate speed and power.

Road rage in Melbourne can be a  real problem at times.

It always pays to drive at the speed limit in the left hand lane and let the “angry world” pass you by.

Most Drivers are always in a hurry and common courtesy seems to be  nonexistent.

Not lately, but over the years I have had several scary experiences with irate car and truckies.

Generally drivers crack it over some minute incident or the make a mistake but blame you.

If a driver exits his vehicle to confront me, I will always get out of my car quickly.

This avoids any potential damage to my car.

I believe this is safer, but probably not a preference for everybody.

On these occasions, as the road rager approaches and tries to get too close

I have used the wing chun front kick on all occasions.

This has worked in all confrontations has stopped the angry person in their tracks.

he road rager will then reassess his predicament and babble on from a distance.

My front kick has always worked for me and kept the person away.

This is a real success story as it has minimized or even negated any need for violence.

A peaceful conclusion is much more of an achievement than having to resort to self defence.

While shopping at Bunnings an irate customer started arguing with my wife, Sifu Linda.

As I tried to mediate he approached my with hands swinging.

In that instant I executed a front kick therefore avoiding another potential violent situation.

Wing Chun is extremely efficient in self defence situations.

It is also possible to use minimum impact to protect yourself successfully.