Kulao Village
April 30, 2020 Sifu Garry's

Wing Chun Village:

Kulao Village is the home of legendary Dr. Leung Jan whom created Pien Sun Wing Chun.

In 2006, my Husband and I decided to go to China to meet Wing Chun Masters.

It is every Martial Artist’s dream to visit the home of Wing Chun and Kung Fu.

Wing Chun is unique because it was developed by a Female.

Being a female, I was one of the few in the World, to be involved with Wing Chun.

It would be a good opportunity to demonstrate my Wing Chun Skills.

Kulao Village is renowned for its prowess in Wing Chun.

It is an ancient Village, and Dr. Leung Jan’s legacy is there by the Fung Family Clan.

Pien Sun Wing Chun

Pien Sun Wing Chun is renowned for being the purist Wing Chun in the World.

After much research, my Husband had organized our trip, however he couldn’t find Kulao.

During is research, his computer crashed and he lost all his information on the trip.

While reorganizing the trip again, he found the location of Kulao Village.

Garry also came across contacts in Hong Kong whom knew the Fung Family and could take us to Kulao.

It was our destiny to meet the Descendants of Leung Jan’s legacy. 

Kulao Pracitioners

Arriving at Kulao Village was monumental.

We were met by about fifty Kulao Practitioners pounding on Drums and Symbols.

The traditional greeting pierced the silence in front of the Red Fortune Restaurant.

The Kulao residents are all Wing Chun practitioners training under the Fung Clan.

We were the first Australians to visit Kulao, so everyone was extremely excited.

Fung Keun

Out Guides had organized  for the Jee Shin Wing Chun Group to meet Fung Keun, but he was unable to attend.

His brother, Fung Leung, aka “The Tank” took his place.

After enjoying lunch together, we organized ourselves to demonstrate our respective styles with Chi Sao and Forms.

In front of the Restaurant we formed a huge circle and began our demonstrations.

We had been travelling for six days so were extremely exhausted.

Chi Sao

It is an honour to perform with other Practitioners in China, especially Chi Sao.

We were like dueling Warriors.

Chi Sao challenges were plenty and we were holding our own with the best in China.

I was extremely proud of our School.

The men wouldn’t challenge me, being a Female.

No one wanted to be beaten by a Woman.

Finally, I challenged some of the Kulao Men.

The Kulao Practitioners were all amazed that I could match it with the Men.

The day was an experience to behold.

Leung Jan

After dueling for two hours we all decided to walk through the Village to Leung Jan’s House and School.

The Kulao Villagers decided to follow us there.

Walking through Kulao took you back in time. It was ancient.

Kulao was Leung Jan’s native village.

It was a humbling experience to walk around the area where Leung Jan lived.

Later that day, Garry and I actually held Leung Jan’s Dragon Pole, which was around 200 years old.

It was actually mind boggling to hold the Dragon Pole from the “King of Wing Chun”.

The trip was turning out to be ideal. How could it get any better?

It did! 

Fung Chun

At Leung Jan’s house, we got a surprise visit by Grand Master Fung Chun.

Grand Master Fung Chun was 86 years old.

When he heard we had come to Kulao, he wanted to meet our group.

Fung Chun sat down with our group and talked of Yim Wing Chun and how she developed Wing Chun.

He also discussed topics around the history of Wing Chun.

A lot of people round the World deny the existence of Yim Wing Chun.

To hear stories about Her made my Day. 

Fung Chun’s Stories

The following year, we visited Leung Jan’s house and also called in to see Fung Chun.

He remembered us from the previous year. He was thrilled to see our Group.

WE all gathered around in his courtyard and listened to his stories about Wing Chun.

He spoke about Ng Mui, Yim Wing Chun and her Husband Leung Bok Chow.

What an experience.

We were sitting with a legendary Wing Chun Grand Master, at his home, hearing about Wing Chun history.

Fung Chun was truly a legend. We were so Honoured.

Shortly after, we all decided to walk to a local Restaurant for lunch.

Garry and I sat around him and listened to more stories. Fung Chun was in his element.

He was enjoying every minute being surrounded by a group from Australia. 

At Lunch with Fung Chun

After a while, He asked how long we had been training Wing Chun.

Garry told him 22 years and I said 17 years.

Sijo Chun was honoured that we had come from Australia to be with him.

During Lunch, Fung Chun faced Garry and began Fuk Fu with Him.

After that, they started to play with Huen Sao Chi Sao.

I could see the look on Garry’s face.  He was in total glee.

Very few westerners have touched hands with Fung Chun.

This was another great honour bestowed upon us during this trip.

Wow, what a trip!