Wing Chun Kung Fu Criticism
July 10, 2013 Sifu Garry's

Wing Chun Kung Fu Criticism

Why is there so much adverse publicity about Wing Chun Kung Fu? 

On some Social Media sites there is much debate and conversation about Wing Chun.

Why do other martial arts styles despise wing chun? 

Why does wing chun fail? 

Wing chun is no good against Muay Thai! 

And so on!

One thing; for wing chun to generate so much debate and controversy.

There must be something intriguing about this martial art system.

Is it Bruce Lee’s legacy that everybody is trying to excel?

Is it the publicity from the recent string of Ip Man movies?

Is it because wing chun has never been at the forefront of the fighting sports? 

It is the duty of all martial artist, whether Teacher or Student, to practise the philosophy of martial arts.

One who excels as a warrior does not appear formidable.

One who excels in fighting is never aroused in Anger.

One who excels in defeating his enemies does not join issues.

One who employs others humbles himself before them.

Wing Chun Sifu Garry Explains

I have prepared and trained Athletes for full contact fighting.

Against Muay Thai and Kickboxing opponents with much success.

Critics have stated; “you are not using wing chun”!

In a ring fight my athletes will use wing chun principles such as our footwork, center line kicks and punches.

And Yes!

We must use Muay Thai techniques as well.

If not, it would be impossible to convince the Judges that you controlled the fight.

Wing chun also has knees and elbows.

We did practise the Muay Thai takedowns, though.

If you didn’t use them, you would lose. Simple!

In fighting competitions you must always play the rules of the day.

Preparing a fighter for a full contact muay thai contest is a feat in itself.

Let’s face it – the Individual has to make his Art work for him.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is not just a martial arts fighting system to learn and master.

It is a way of Life.

There are many, many different styles of wing chun, some more efficient than others.

Just like Karate systems, there are many different variations, some more efficient than others.

Wing chun is very efficient with its science of fighting, but it can also be hard to learn.

Muay Thia training emphasis is vastly different to wing chun.

Muay Thai train raw power, but the physical consequences can be restrictive.

MMA is very a effective self defence system as well as a tough ring sport.

I have had several ex MMA practitioners who have been on the ground for too long.

Going to the ground with one on one, MMA is very effective, but against several opponents, not so efficient.

Bridging the Gap is a necessary science for MMA fighters, for take downs.

I have taught MMA practitioners how to bridge the Gap using wing chun tactics.

Some wing chun styles only cover their true centre which leaves their flanks open.

The Traditional wing chun system caters for these deficiencies.

We have central line theory which covers our sides and not just our center line.

Muay Thai will develop a tougher person in a short time compared to wing chun, but the priorities are different.

In six months a wing chun person will have more skill with knife attacks, and general self defence.

But a muay thai person will be pore powerful, but maybe have less technical skills.

Wing chun a a life style martial art which can be practised until a person is well into the Seventies.

MMA and Muay Thai martial arts systems may subject the muscles and joints through too much physical trauma.

This may prevent future training as one ages.

Wing chun kung fu is a traditional martial arts system that a person can use to cultivate a very high level of integrity.

Martial Artists, regardless of style, need to break down the political barriers.

They should indulge in sharing their expertise to make the World a better place.